Click on the images below to visit some of the digital history projects that I am part of.

Mapping Uptown header

Vew and manipulate historical GIS layers and images related to the social, political, cultural, and demographic dynamics of Uptown Chicago between 1940 and 1980.


Chicago Country banner

Listen and learn about three of the first hours of broadcast from Chicago’s first all-country music radio station, WJJD AM 1160.



Beyond Warehouse banner

This Omeka-driven collection is an outgrowth of a 2014 National Council on Public History Working Group. The website collects and displays projects that meet the “innovative” criteria of the group:

  • Beyond well-established reuse practices such as transforming warehouses into residential lofts
  • Embracing standards of enviromental sustainabilty
  • The promotion of social justice or the consideration of disadvantaged communities—either through historical interpretation or the contemporary reuse of the place
  • Involving “less-than charismatic” or vernacular architecture

Guest contributions to the collection are encouraged!

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